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Darryl Rickard and Family

Darryl, 36, is the youngest son of Frederick Rickard Sr. Darryl is married to Margie and has three children, Sammy (5), Ella (3) and Nara (1). Unlike his siblings, Darryl never attended residential school and has accompanied his parents to the land most of his young life, something that he feels lucky to have done. Darryl recently inherited the land as the caretaker from his father.

Darryl works as an ambulance attendant in Peterbourgh, Ontario and currently resides in Napanee, Ontario with his family. But with the hunt playing an important part of his life and identity, he travels back home every spring with his family. For Darryl, a big part of the hunt is having his children experience it and the traditions just like he did as a child. This spring he even gets to take his son Sammy out to the hunting blind for the first time.

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